Kettle Moraine Preschool

4K School Supplies 2023-2024

Please bring the following classroom supplies to our Open House: 

    • 1 backpack- large enough to hold papers without folding- to be brought to school each day
    • 1 two-pocket plastic folder- any color or design (to be kept in your child’s backpack and brought to school each day)
    • 1 child-sized sleeping bag AND compact bag in which to store it (sleeping bags will be sent home weekly for washing).  
    • 1 container of disinfecting wipes
    • 4 rolls paper towel
    • 1 ream white printer paper
    • 1 box 5 oz Dixie Cups
    • $5.00 in an envelope labeled with child’s name for photo printing and art/ craft supplies to be used throughout the year
    • Ziplock bag of extra clothes with a shirt, shorts, underwear and socks (to be kept in your child’s backpack).

Thank you!  We will put these supplies to good use throughout the year, and we appreciate your contribution!