Kettle Moraine Preschool

4K School Supplies

Please label all items with your child’s first name.  This includes writing your child’s name on each individual crayon, pencil, etc.  THANKS so much for your help with this☺  Please bring the following classroom supplies to our Open House:

2020-2021 School Supply List
  • 1 plastic pencil box case approximate size 8”X5”X3” (to hold all art supplies)
  • 4 large Elmer’s glue sticks
  • 1 4oz. Elmer’s glue bottle
  • 8ct. Crayola LARGE/JUMBO sized crayons
  • 2 LARGE/THICK sized pencils (sometimes say beginner pencil on them)
  • 4 cans of Playdough (variety of colors is great)
  • 12ct. Crayola colored pencils (pre-sharpened)
  • 1 pair of 5” scissors (if your child is left-handed make sure it says left-handed)
  • 2 Rolls paper towel
  • 1 Bottle liquid hand soap (not foaming)
  • 1 package disinfecting wipes
  • 1 two-pocket plastic folder- any color or design (to be kept in your child’s backpack and brought to school each day)
  • 1 child-sized sleeping bag AND bag in which to store it.  Pillowcases or drawstring bags work well.
  • A pair of Velcro tennis shoes to be worn daily. (We do lots of large motor activities and they really are best for playing outside.  Your child should be independent in putting on their shoes.)
  • Ziplock bag of extra clothes with a shirt, shorts, underwear and socks (to be kept in your child’s backpack).
  • $5.00 in an envelope labeled with your child’s name to be used for photo printing and special art gifts throughout the year.

We will use these supplies throughout the school year. THANK YOU for your contribution!