Kettle Moraine Preschool


When can I visit Kettle Moraine Preschool?

Visitors are welcome at any time! Call the school at (262) 965-5900 (during school hours) or (920)216-0845 (after school hours) to arrange for a visit for you and for your child to see the classroom and meet the teachers.

How do I register my child?

Please contact the Director, Jenny Nowak, at or call (262) 965-5900 (during school hours) or (920)216-0845 (after school hours) for more information.

How many children are in each class?

Kettle Moraine Preschool is licensed to serve no more than 21 children per class. Each class is taught by 2 teachers.

Do parents have access to Kettle Moraine Preschool?  

It is very important to us to maintain frequent communication with parents. Parents are welcome to visit at any time. A monthly newsletter and calendar will keep parents informed of school activities, curriculum, weekly themes, field trips, and holiday parties.  An Open House is held in September. Parent/Teacher conferences are held in fall and spring. Additional conferences may be scheduled as needed.

Is the 4K class affiliated with the Kettle Moraine School District?

Kettle Moraine Preschool is a community provider site for the 4-Year-Old Kindergarten program of Kettle Moraine School District.  This means there is no charge to you for your child to attend our 4K program as long as your home school district offers 4K. Applications are available at the Kettle Moraine School District website.