Kettle Moraine Preschool


In May of 2016, Kettle Moraine School District surveyed all parents who had students attending their 4K sites. The following are comments written by Kettle Moraine Preschool parents about our program in response to this survey.

How satisfied were you with the 4K site your child attends?

  • If I could score higher than a 4 for KM Preschool, I would. Tammy Zell is absolutely amazing and the 3 day full-day option is ideal.
  • My daughter was comfortable and happy with her school from day one. She absolutely loves her teachers as well.
  • Great location, really terrific staff!
  • Lots for the kids to do in their great outdoor play area.
  • Really great staff at Kettle Moraine Preschool.  I cannot stress it enough!

How satisfied are you with the 4K experience your child is receiving?

  • She has learned so much and has made many friends. She loves her school and her teachers!
  • Loves going to school and learning every day!

How satisfied are you with the type of communication you receive from your child’s teacher?

  • Tammy Zell goes out of her way to communicate with each child’s family on a regular basis. She is quick to address concerns and makes each child a priority.

I am really pleased with…

  • Everything!
  • The 3 full day option.  It’s perfect for the children and parents.
  • The teachers! They came into a hard situation with the passing of Mrs. Turnock, and they have made a wonderful environment that I think she would be very proud of.
  • Their curriculum. I believe it truly keeps kids entertained while learning.
  • Teacher and student relationships, all the things they learn and how excited they get to learn about them, how the teachers help the kids develop their learning styles this early. How they tracked their improvement from the start to the end of the year.
  • The time and dedication teachers take to prepare engaging lessons and activities is amazing.
  • Kettle Moraine Preschool is a great, great environment with loving and attentive teachers.
  • The relationships my daughter has formed there and her desire to learn.
  • Mrs. Zells communication, she took the time at drop off and pick up to talk to parents about their child’s day and if parents need to inform her about a bad morning their child had or bad night. She made the classroom so welcoming for parents and children!

One thing I would change:

  • Nothing!
  • Not a thing.  I love this school, and the teachers and director are amazing!
  • Nothing.  We could not have been more pleased with our experience at Kettle Moraine Preschool.

Additional comments:

  • I wish more people knew about this great little school!
  • We strongly feel as though our child is ready for kindergarten.